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Innovation comes from the edges, so it comes as no surprise that innovators are found in the margins. They are the misfits among us, the ones who see and do things differently.

The current bitcoin mining difficulty is 40007500000. The next difficulty is estimated to change by -1.3% to 39486900000. The total network hashrate is 276441 Thash/s.

The network has currently mined 334352 blocks. This has generated 1360035000 million bitcoins with an average value of $33255.34 USD each. Worldwide bitcoin circulation is currently valued at $452.284 billion USD.

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Saturday, July 24, 2021 09:15:02 EST

Market capitalization $452.284 billion
Total bitcoins13.6 million
Bitcoins per block25
Block count334352
Current Difficulty40007500000
Next difficulty (estimate)39486900000
Network hashrate276441 Thash/s
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Currency24 hours7 days30 days
XAF 18531576 17503152 50270.09
USD 33255.34 31409.81 100.42
EUR 28329.6 26643.62 85.47
CAD 41494.2 39750.86 115.55
GBP 24234.76 22775.15 68.41
AUD 45513.13 42746.92 102.91
CHF 0 0 83.87
CNY 0 0 730.78
JPY 3687241.5 3510352.75 10595.72
NZD 0 0 142.47
RUB 2489022.25 2390322 3541.01
BRL 173336.45 164447.19 171.49
DKK 0 0 627.94
HKD 0 0 754.76
PLN 129444.63 123139.63 377.66
SEK 0 0 730.74
SGD 0 0 146.82
SLL 0 0 26315.23
THB 0 0 2260.02